Big Vision Empty Wallet is a thriving curated collective of creators. We’re all about blowing up the scope of possibilities in film and media, having fun, and putting cash in creators’ wallets, so we provide resources and opportunities to help creators make a living creating.

Whether they’re shooting their first or fifteenth feature film, writing original screenplays, developing new TV and digital concepts, disrupting publishing, or creating immersive experiences that span across multiple platforms, our members are forward-thinking creators who are consistently advancing innovation with their art.

If you’re a creator, our membership is ideal for you.

The Values

We don’t think you have to sell your soul to create captivating, innovative work.

BVC SquareWe’re creators too! We produce projects through our sister company, Big Vision Creative.

And we don’t believe that if you achieve success, win awards, make crazy money, or create the projects you have always dreamed about that there won’t be anything left for the rest of us. On the contrary, we believe that if we are all transparent and share resources and the smartest practices, we can elevate each other and make a living doing what we love.


Big Vision Empty Wallet was founded in 2010 by Dani Faith Leonard and Alex Cirillo.  Their role as the leaders of BVEW has garnered them invitations to speak at film and tv festivals, colleges, a White House roundtable, and entertainment industry think-tanks. In 2013, they were featured as a start-up success story by A&E’s Project Start-Up.

  • Dani Faith Leonard

    Dani Faith Leonard


  • Alex Cirillo

    Alex Cirillo


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Member Compliments:

“Big Vision Empty Wallet is a place where young, talented people of all skill levels in the entertainment industry come together and learn from one another. BVEW is like a rest stop for the film/television community. On a long car ride you go to a rest stop and its like an oasis in the middle of the unknown. A place to re-fuel, get food, speak with nice locals who can help you, and take a break from “out there.” BVEW feels like that to me. Need to refuel and get new interesting ideas? Go to a BVEW screening, Need supplies? Go on their site. Need people who get you and want to help? Go to BVEW.” 

- Kelly Reagan, Producer

“The concept of BVEW is important because there are a lot of people out there that lack the resources to create content. It’s nice to have a site that not only showcases these people and there projects, but also applauds the fact that they were able to do so much with so little.” 

- Mike O'Gorman, comedic actor/writer; Comedy Central

“BVEW is a revelation. Suddenly, I feel like there’s this whole network of people who want the same thing I want – the opportunity to do what I love – at my fingertips. I’m glad you’re here.”

- Anthony Marinelli, writer/director/editor

“Big Vision Empty Wallet…the concept hit me like a ton of bricks.  I first became aware of the company at the Big Vision Awards, through NY Actors Tweetup.   In watching the awards and hearing the stories of the recipients, it was like BVEW was giving me PERMISSION to be like NIKE and just DO IT.   The fact that I had NO money (at the time) didn’t mean that my vision for my play couldn’t become a reality.  There was proof before me that it could. That is what BVEW means to me.  The audacity (and tenacity) of daring to see the dream come true.”

- Tanesha Ford, writer/actor

“BVEW is a great community of independent filmmakers, musicians, and artists.  I’ve met a ton of wonderful, creative people through the events, it’s been a very supportive environment to screen with and be a part of, and it’s constantly growing, so I’m always meeting new creative and driven people.” 

- Jim Turner, Freelance Filmmaker

“Big Vision Empty Wallet stands for opportunity and passion! It gives like-minded artists the chance to share their work and bring their goals to life!” 

- Aimee LoDuca, Communications Designer

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