The Company

Founded in 2010 by Alex Cirillo and Dani Faith Leonard, Big Vision Empty Wallet provides resources and opportunities to help creators make a living creating.  Whether they’re writing original screenplays, developing new TV concepts, or creating vast story-worlds that span across multiple platforms, our curated resources help our members become forward-thinking creators who are consistently advancing innovation in entertainment.

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The Values

We don’t think you have to sell your soul to create awesome, innovative work. We want to democratize the business of creating so while Hollywood is making Transformers 17, you can kick creative ass and complete your dream projects that can impact our culture. We don’t prescribe to a zero sum world-view based on limited resources and opportunities. Meaning, we don’t believe that if you achieve success, win awards, make crazy money, or make the projects you have always dreamed about that there won’t be anything left for us. On the contrary, we believe that if we all share resources, tools, and the smartest practices, and do it with a culture of transparency, we will all be much better off. Fuck best practices. If everyone else is doing it, please move on. Let’s all share the smartest practices so we can JUST CREATE.

We’re Creators Too

In 2014, BVEW’s founders launched Big Vision Creative to produce innovative multi-platform projects and offer creative and business consulting services to producers to keep them on the cutting edge and help them profit while maintaining their projects’ artistic integrity.

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The “Visionaries”

Their role as the leaders of BVEW has garnered them invitations to speak at film and tv festivals, colleges, a White House roundtable, and entertainment industry think-tanks. In 2013, they were featured as a start-up success story by A&E’s Project Start-Up.

  • Dani Faith Leonard

    Dani Faith Leonard


  • Alex Cirillo

    Alex Cirillo


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